Why are you here?

This is one of my linux servers floating around on the internet. It has plenty of "behind the scenes" tasks such as handling my email, serving as a relatively secure jump point, a sort of universal thumb drive, random data collection tasks, and a tool repository. If you're thinking of breaking in, really, don't bother. I wipe this server every so often and reinstall everything from scratch via shellscripts. Only persistent data will be the web facing files anyways.

Useful Tools

Among other things, this particular server is my primary R&D box. I use it to test out new things I'm attempting to learn. This web site for instance is a combination of attempting to learn PHP in addition to configuring Apache. SSL side is up and running, need to write a script to organize content. Lot of work to do.

To Do list

  • Implement DKIM into postfix
  • Set up web interface for personal SQL database (SSL-side only)
  • Write up site implementation guide for US export control regulations
  • Publish PGP key
  • Implement quote file script
  • Web calender (password protect)
  • Dump bookmarks into HTML file
  • Bloody well organize said bookmarks
  • Import content from RD.net for data redundency
  • Write scripts to mirror RD.net Killed RD.net
  • Write some kind of self-monitoring and sanity check script, port results to a website (SSL-side only)
  • Hit Counter by Digits