Project JPEG to Matrix

There are times when I hate linux very, very much. Usually when it involves drivers and odd hardware. Other times, I rather love it. For instance, if you want to turn any picture into a Matrix style looking picture. Don’t ask why I’d want to do such a thing, I’m not sure myself.

revdisk@linuxVM01:~$ sudo apt-get install aview
revdisk@linuxVM01:~$ convert OriginalPhoto.jpg Converted01.ppm
revdisk@linuxVM01:~$ aview -width 135 -height 57 -dim -bold -reverse -normal Converted01.ppm

Cheated and screencaptured the window. Saved as Converted02.png

revdisk@linuxVM01:~$ convert Converted02.png Converted03.ppm
revdisk@linuxVM01:~$ convert -colorize 83/1/100 -crop 1080×720+0+10 – geometry 720×480 Converted03.ppm Converted04.ppm
revdisk@linuxVM01:~$ convert Converted04.ppm MatrixFinal.jpg

End result:

Matrix ish Photo

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