Useful Android apps


    c:geo – Free, pretty good
    Geocaching – Paid, but extremely well written. Use c:geo if you rarely cache, but if you’re a regular geocacher, buy this.

Sensors –

    Tricorder – Free, uses virtually all of the sensors built into an Android phone

Utilities –

    SuperBox – Multipurpose utility, I use it mainly for quickly checking my battery and moving apps to the SD card
    MyBookDroid – You can use it for many purposes, but I use it to quickly scan/catalog my book collection
    WordPress – Bit obvious, this.
    ConnectBot – SSH client, tiny letters but handy for rebooting a server or restarting a service
    ColorNote – Best notepad app I’ve found thus far
    ElectroDroid – Multipurpose electronics utility, has all kinds of reference material
    Diaster Alerts – Good way to check on world wide alerts of bad things
    How To Tie a Tie – I’m not much of a tie person, so this is surprisingly handy
    KnotsGuide – Very handy
    Net Scan – Works alright, scans a wifi network
    Net Swiss Tool – Various tools that are common on OS’s (ping, tracert, etc)
    Wifi Analyzer – Has a handful of utilities for scanning wifi networks
    SSHTunnel – If you are using public Wifi, you want to secure your traffic. This is the best way of doing so.
    Where’s My Droid – Handy for “Where did I leave my phone” situations


    Amazon Kindle – eBook reader. I just use it for free classics and reading books from Baen
    Slacker – Internet radio
    Khan Academy – Educational classes on just about anything

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