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Aquaintances (Back)

The Royal Exchange Jewelers
The Royal Exchange Jewelers offers historically-based and/or inspired, handcrafted jewelery. Items characteristic of the Elizabethan Renaissance, Byzantine period, or incorporating heraldic figures are specialties. Custom pieces created upon request.

Law Dog Files
LawDog's posts a bit more infrequently these days, but has numerous insightful posts regarding food, law enforcement and whatnot. Personally, I'm most fond of his Africa stories.

Cornered Cat
Probably the best resource on the internet for female shooters. Most material and equipment is entirely geared towards men. I refer a lot of people here. Kathy also has published the material in book form, you can buy it on Amazon.

Tamara K
The power of the snark is strong in this one.

George Hill
Not for the easily offended. Good guy, good instructor. I highly recommend his classes if you're in the Utah area.

Good buddy of mine, Strings.

Larry Correia
One of the best authors alive today.

Very prolific blog poster. Peter is a retired priest, I wasn't previously aware of how strong the snark was in the priesthood.

New PC Installs (Back)

Ninite automates installs of common utilities.

Adobe Flash (for IE)
Not needed for Chrome

.Net 4.5 Full Installer
Full download for .net 4.5, not the online installer.

Gear (Back)

ACR Electronics, Inc.
I own one of their MS-2000(M) distress marker lights (aka, Firefly). Wonderful product, highest possible quality. Also recommend their Personal Locator Beacons.
Very good source source of gear reviews. I'm not into the 'survivalist' thing, but I love hiking.

MMA Glove reviews

T.A.D. Gear, Inc.
TAD has excellent quality gear, but tend to be a bit on the pricy side

Custom Flags
Good place to buy custom flags

Outdoors (Back)

Ray Jardine
Ultralight hiking equipment
Keystone Trails Association
Good PA hiking info
Plenty of info on Centralia, the place that inspired Silent Hill

Music (Back)

Courtney Love redefines music piracy and blasts the RIAA Salon Technology
A surprisingly insightful speech by Courtney Love.

Don Passman's Website
Guy writes good books regarding the music industry

The Problem With Music
Another excellent and insightful article regarding the music industry.

Physical Security (Back)

Cut Your Own Master Keys Musings
Thoughts on cutting master keys

CPTED Information
Good home security checklist

Greg Miller Guide to Lock Picking for Beginners
Currently dead, HD died on the server and it's being replaced.

Lockpicking Forensics
Datagram's site, lots of good information on lock forensics. A pretty rare niche, good information.
Physical Security for the Data Center
Fairly comprehensive guide

IT Policy (Back)

DIR - Security - Policies, Standards and Guidelines
IT policy templates

ITCi Policy Wiki » home
More IT policy stuff

Logicube - Hard Drive and Media Duplication OmniWipe Product Details
LogiCube makes pretty good (but far from perfect) hard drive products, that are quite expensive. - Computer Security Division - Computer Security Resource Center
NIST policy guides and whatnot

NSA Products
NSA stuff.

Security Configuration Guides
The NSA provides some rather wonderful configuration guides for securing all manner of IT products

The Simplest Security A Guide To Better Password Practices
Passwords are used everywhere. And usually poorly implemented

SANS Institute - The SANS Security Policy Project
SAN Policy stuff.

Technical - IT (Back)

Hard Disk Install Setup Tips - NST Wiki
Network Security Toolkit (NST) wiki

VBS scripts used on multiple computers
VBS script information
ESX info

M1330 Got AHCI working under WinXP... no slipstream CD, no floppy drive.
Getting AHCI drivers working

WSUS Product Team Blog Client-Server Synchronization issues
WSUS issues, blah

MCSE, A+ and CCNA Certification Practice Exams, MCSE Training, Online Courses and Assessments
Exam prep stuff.

MS-DOS at command help
"at" is a DOS command to schedule commands, similiar to *nix crontab file.

NetBIOS Friend or Foe
NetBIOS stuff.

Perl Tutorial Course for Windows
perl guide - Portable software for USB drives
Apps run off your thumb drive with no install

Project Dakota - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Windows Update replacement

DVD backup utility

Sebrant Drivers
Sabrent makes some excellent and cheap accessories. Driver page

Enabling ADMIN$ and Registry Services Permanently?
Admin share stuff for Windows XP and Server 2003, needed for various admin utilities

Veeam VMware ESX Virtualization Management
Aftermarket ESX management, useful for free ESXi servers

OpenBootTS | Download OpenBootTS software for free at
Open source cell phone tower, very useful

Ettus Research LLC | Products
Some very good radio gear that works with OpenBootTS

Software Defined Radio, 1 MHz to 6 GHz operating frequency
Freeware Tools and System Utilities for Windows
Unique collection of freeware utilities and freeware password recovery tools

Screenshots - WPKG | Open Source Software Deployment and Distribution
WPKG is an open source software deployment and distribution tool. The site has a large collection of silent installers.

Virtual Users And Domains
Virtual Users And Domains With Postfix, Courier, MySQL And SquirrelMail (CentOS 5.3 x86)

HOWTO: Secure Firefox and IM with PuTTY | Thinkhole Labs
Making a secure tunnel with putty, kinda a portable VPN.

Firewalls (Back)

StoneGate Firewall - VPN Appliances – Stonesoft

Yoggie Product Comparison

Online Armor
Highly reviewed

Comodo Firewall Pro
Highly reviewed

Information Security (Back)

Open Organisation Of Lockpickers
Organization for folks that like picking locks.
Lots of handy guides for securing and configuring lots of common services
Antivirus Tools Underperform When Tested in LinuxWorld 'Fight Club' - Host security News Analysis - Dark Reading
Entertaining head to head anti-virus competition. Kaspersky did very well, I highly recommend KAV

Application security expertise for proven software security – Fortify Software
They sell software that helps you write more secure apps. Basically, source code auditing

BioStik by Index Security
Biometric secured thumb drive

Caveat Emptor - Use of Credit Cards On-Line « The 12 Angry Men Blog
Thoughts on using your credit card online

FIPS 140-2 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Federal standard. Better than nothing, but meeting a standard is not the same as being secure.

Flylogic Engineering - Home
Very low level auditing for electronics.

Genuinely Secure software by Secure64
Secure DNS providers

Access Data - Downloads
Forensics tools

Kaspersky Product Updates

Restricting information available to anonymous logon users
Microsoft KB article

tcpIQ Denial Of Service Attack Inhibitor
Hardens Windows TCP stack against DoS attacks

VMware Infrastructure 3 Security Hardening
Good guide on locking down Infrastructure 3

Web Browser Forensics, Part 1
If you don't log web hits at your firewall or proxy, good way to try to recover information

Updating Windows on non-IE browsers

OSSEC - Open Source Security, Host-Based Intrusion Detection System

Kaspersky Virus Watch 3.1
Rather nifty screen with lots of information on various virus statistics. Handy for throwing on a static display.

AV test file.

Telecomm (Back)

Aruba Networks
These guys made the hardware to run Defcon's wireless network.

Circuit Cellar - Digital Library - 189 Armitage
Ah, yes, the 189 Armitage.

Doubletake was some replication software we used. Eh.

Dunehaven Systems
Some interesting gyro stabilize camera stuff

Narus Real-Time Traffic Intelligence
NSA grade deep packet monitoring.

NNMA - NNSquad Network Measurement Agent
Detects tampering with your traffic, usually indicative of violating Net Neutrality

RaidCalc - Raid Disk Space Utilization Calculator

Server Technology, Inc.
Data Center cabinet vendor

Slashdot Outfitting a Brand New Datacenter
Extremely good resource on the little details on building a good datacenter

Support OEM Download driver
EMC CLARiiON stuff.

TS and Citrix (Back)

CTX107572 - Troubleshooting Tools for Citrix Environments
Sigh. Citrix.

MCSE Training, MCSE Certification, CCNA Certification, MCSE 2003 training and more -
More cert stuff.

Ralph Whitbeck - Blog - Uninstalling Cisco VPN client kills internet access
Cisco VPN can have some nasty side effects

Terminal Services commands
TS stuff.

UNIX (Back)

IBM UNIX servers - Security for pSeries AIX 5L antivirus support
Antivirus options for the AIX OS

Main Page - Fail2ban
Monitors your *nix logs, bans the IPs trying to guess your passwords

Coding (Back)

Datatable (Javascript)
Data table example, useful for presenting things in lists

Another data table implementation

Crafts (Back)

Woodworking projects

Minwax Project Plans
Woodworking projects

DIY pocket knives

DIY site

Online Materials Information Resource - MatWeb
Material info

Maine Line Leather, Wholesale and Retail provider of Leather Crafting Supplies
Leather making supplies

MSR Tool Wrap -
Was planning on copying

Project List - Para Cord Secrets
550 cord projects
Guy who does mostly older style DIY stuff

Electronics (Back)

Ada Fruit Industries
Excellent electronic kits

Arduino boards
Everyone uses these suckers for their DIY projects, very versitile

Spark Fun
Makes electronics kits and sells all kinds of useful components

Maker Shed
All kinds of Maker related stuff, mostly electronics.

Fun Gizmos
More kits, interesting tho.

Lots of guides as well as selling kits
Navy Electronics
A lot of old Navy textbooks
Tangent Tutorials
Lots of good videos on soldering
NASA Soldering
Lots of good videos on soldering, from NASA
Arduino Boards
List of all known Arduino compatible boards

Science (Back)

Great microbio blog

Linux (Back)

Linux WordPress install
Very quick and straightforward